Sponsors: Tensor Trucks, Almost Skateboards, Globe Shoes, Bones Wheels
Stance: Regular

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Top 10:

Truck: OG Slider LO Skate
Skate Video: Lots of ‘em… Misled Youth is way up there. Chris Cole’s part in Ride the Sky has such a good feel, too. Duffy in Questionable. Danny in DC. Daewon in anything he’s done. Super hard to give a favorite video for me, as a whole.
Pre sesh ritual: Black coffee & a Clif Bar.
Skate spots: Dorsey, for a lot of reasons…
Tricks: Primo slides are fun, plus the falls are cartoon-like– and the sounds are unlike anything else… FS crooks to nollie hard’s (kinda pressure flip) or whatever they are have such a good feel the way they release, then catch your back foot– super fun. Halfcab flip underflips, cause when you pick it back up and fall onto it with the halfcab motion– feels so good. Cab impossibles on banks, when you catch it and keep turning…
Post sesh ritual: Only real ritual that’s like that is buying a book when I make a hard trick. I can look at my shelf and associate hundreds of ‘em with tricks, which I love…
Vice: No Comment
Grub: No Comment
Movies: Ghostbusters & Jaws.
Music: Lots of different styles… Nina Simone, Ben Harper, Johnny Cash, Sabaton, Blind Boys, Beethoven, Shostakovich, Dvorak, Upstarts, Hugh Masakela, Nick Cave, Misfits, Zeppelin– and there’s something about those old Christmas songs…