Sponsors: AMMO Skateboards, AXION Footwear, Grizzly Grip, Diamond Supply Co., Tensor Trucks, Andele Bearings, Hubba Wheels, ETCetera, Famous Stars and Straps, Quintin Hat Co., & MSA.

Years skating: 12

Stance: Goofy like my attitude!


Skate video: es Menikmati, PJ Ladd WHLife, In Bloom, Any AMMO production.

Pre sesh ritual: Kickflip, Heelflip, Nollie Flip, Nollie Heel, SwitchFlip, Switch Heel, Fackie Flip, Fackie Heel!

Skate spots: Any Good Flat Ground! Tricks: 3 Shuv.

Post sesh ritual: Try to stretch or hit the nearest food spot! Haha.

Vice: Coffee.

Grub: Moms Cooking.

Movies: Skate Videos.

Music: All kinds of music but right now the new Yelawolf “Radioactive” CD & Adele is on repeat.