Sponsors: Fourstar Clothing, Modus Bearings, Cons, Cliche Skateboards & Tensor Trucks.

Years skating: 14/15 years.

Stance: Regular.

Truck: The new MAGLIGHT REGULAR with redesigned geometry.

Skate video: The Reason gets me stoked. Any Carroll part.

Pre sesh ritual: Stretch warm up and drink some water.

Skate spots: Macba, LA schools with good tables, China, South Bank.

Tricks: Ollie, Back Tails, Nollie Flips.

Post sesh ritual: Stretch, drink water and warm down. Followed by food and some cold beverages.

Vice: I have lots.

Grub: I love a good BBQ with some rare steak, marinated prawns and a fresh salad.

Movies: It’s all Gone Pete Tong, but I will watch anything. I’m easy with movies.

Music: I love it all . From Metal to Electronic, I’m into it.